Social Platforms

The web is a confusing place, why make your prospects guess who you are. We take the elements of your Website Design and merge them into all of your Social Platforms, making sure Your Brand stays consistent throughout the web, and insuring visitors to any of your online properties knows its yours.

As you can see below, we have created all the Social Platforms to capture the look and feel of the main website we have created for Mallory Construction:

Social Websites


On their Facebook Business Page we have used the same backgrounds and color scheme, along with adding a custom welcome, greeting new visitors to your page and asking them to Like your page.

Mallory Construction Facebook Business Page


Alan Williams Twitter Page, we have used the background and Logo keeping consistency along with a couple of added elements; Alan, the owner of Mallory Construction’s photo and a QR Code in the lower right corner of the page for people using mobile devices.

Social Websites


Again you see the logo and background along with a QR Code that takes you to Mallory’s website, along with a red arrow asking the visitor to Subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

Social Websites

In the case of Social Platforms that do not allow for as much customization as you see here, we will still use all the elements we can, making sure your visitor knows it is your web property.

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These are only examples, the real pages change over time and may look different, to see the real pages please use the links provided on this page.