There’s an old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Nothing could be closer to the truth, because once you start the development phase of your website, it is very difficult to start all over without a significant loss in time and money.

Small Time Marketer Website Consulting

PlanningSome of our clients come to us knowing they need to do something on the web, because the more traditional forms of marketing they are use to are not working so well any longer, or the website they have now is not performing the way they would like it to. Many of our clients come to us after having a bad experience with another design company and need to get back on track.

We start by finding out where your at now, then we create a plan to get you to where you want to be. First we collect all the data we can from you about your business and your competition, then we gather additional information from the web about your business.

Once we have collected this information, we enter the planning phase of your project. This will ensure that realistic goals are set, a budget and timeline are established. Without this planning phase it is likely the project will go off track and the expectations of those involved will not be met.

We believe this type of up-front planning saves significant time and money by preventing unnecessary revisions and road blocks later on in the project.

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