Online Reputation Monitoring

Your business along with the people who run your business, are subject to bad publicity. Online Reputation Monitoring can help. Time was on your side before the Internet, not so much today, bad publicity took weeks or even months to spread, it relied on major sources to notice it, like television, radio or newspapers. Today all it takes is one upset customer or even a competitor to post a negative statement on their social networks like, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, etc. then the search engines like Google pick it up allowing millions of people know about the problem instantly.

Don’t find out the hard way; like a call from a long-term customer asking for details on a situation that you had no idea about. At this point, you are in damage control mode, trying to find out what happened and how this is going to affect your bottom line.

If your lucky, you found out in time to slow or stop the run away train before it derailed your business. . . Why rely on luck? Online Reputation Monitoring may not have stopped what happened, but it puts you in better control.

Online Reputation Monitoring is:

  • Monitoring – We watch the web for what we call “Trigger Words“, like your company name, key people in your company, along with other trigger words you feel need monitored.
  • Evaluating – We weed out the Junk that happens during monitoring, assuring only true issues are reported.
  • Rapid Notice – We take action by reporting what we find, to the people you select so they can take action. Or we can take action using your pre arranged instructions on what you would like us to do.

Online Reputation Monitoring is not:

  • Managing – We do not manage Online Reputation, because it falls outside of the budgets of most small businesses.
  • Positive Campaigning – or Fighting to Reverse bad publicity is a large undertaking, and takes countless hours and deep pockets to work.

Online Reputation Monitoring shines by letting you know that there is an issue out there on the web, and pointing out policies and or procedures that need looked into, to better run your business.

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