Small Time Marketer Difference

From the beginning, our focus has always been on making easy to use websites, that work to help our clients grow their businesses and achieve their online business and marketing goals. Our websites are not created with cookie-cutter templates found all over the web, we custom create our clients websites based on their unique business profile. This is one of the reasons our clients find the websites we build for them work so well.

With a Small Time Marketer WordPress website you will be able to edit the websites content, documents, images, videos and more, through an easy to use administration page.

Built for Business People

Every decision we make, every screen we design, is done with an eye towards simplifying your website editing experience. We know that small business people need to spend less time updating a website and more time building their business.

Mobile Ready Websites

Our websites are based on a “Responsive Design”, meaning your website should preform well on a small mobile device screen as well as a standard computer monitor. With more and more mobile devices flooding the market daily, we know our clients will do better in business with a website that works with mobile devices.

Technology & Licensing

We develop our websites using the WordPress® open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) and the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (L.A.M.P.) stack. What this means to you is, we don’t hold your website hostage with locked systems only usable by us, your website is easily transferable.

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