We start the design phase of your website by using the information we gathered in the planning phase, along with a short form to help you (and us) better understand your websites content, personality and marketplace position. From that information and feedback from our conversations with you, we may have enough to begin the creation of your website.

Vision BoardMood Boards

Depending on the extent of the website we my also implement a “Mood Board” stage. Mood Boards consist of inspirational elements, like an interior designer will use to capture the feel of a room design (like colors, shapes and textures). We use them to pinpoint the direction and mood that gives your website a distinctive atmosphere.

Revision Process

Once a visual direction is reached, we can begin the creation of your website. We continually refine the design until both an attractive and functional design emerges and is ready to proof.

After the primary pages are approved, we will fill out the rest of the website with its sub-pages and needed site structure. Following this will be the final approval, setting the date to go live and launch the website.

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