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Responsive Website Development For The Future

Responsive Website Development For The FutureWe have been using Responsive website design since the later part of 2012 for all of our website designs. We see responsive website development as the best way to make sure our clients websites are accessible by the vast majority of mobile technology available today and in the future.

I have rounded up some vital links here with information about Responsive Website Development for the Future, to help understand how you can keep your websites up to date and save money in the process:

Responsive Website Development Using A Mobile-First Strategy

by silverdisc

no longer cater solely for desktop (i.e. keyboard, mouse and a big screen) web browsing. A website designed for a 1024 x 768 screen means people viewing the site on a mobile have to constantly pinch, zoom and scroll around to get what they need from the site. Over the next few years it’s likely that we’ll see devices getting both smaller and bigger. We might see head mounted computers, like Google’s “Project Glass“, or something like an “iGlass/iPatch” from Apple!

As you can see, the screen is getting even smaller, but at the same time bigger, with devices like Google Glass and others. Viewing through them, you may be looking at a small screen that looks big, seen here is this video:

Google unveils Google Glass Explorer Edition at I/O – CNET News

by Google’s Sergey Brin reveals video-capturing, augmented reality glasses at Google I/O in San Francisco. The Google Glass Explorer Edition will be available via pre-order for conference attendees, cost $1500, and ship in early 2013.

Responsive design helps deal with these screen sizes much better in my opinion than does building both a mobile website and another full featured website.

Mobilising the masses: getting responsive web design for mobile

by memeburn

The term “responsive design” is being bantered all around the online community at the moment as the ultimate technology solution to dealing with multiple screen sizes and resolutions across mediums like desktop and mobile

Responsive design solves many problems, and creates a few others –


Responsive design solves many problems, and creates a few othersInternetRetailer.comResponsive web design is a big time-saver, though it doesn’t solve all problems, said Raul Justiniano, a web designer who manages the responsive web site Original Pen …

As with most things about web design, there is a give and take as you read in the last article about responsive web design. But I think the benefits, like SEO, Single Point of Design, Lower Cost and more outweigh any of the negatives.

Please give me your thoughts about this and what pros and cons you might have experienced with responsive website design in the comments below.

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