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Google Reader Is Headed To The Google Graveyard July 1

It looks like Google Reader is headed to the Google Graveyard July 1, and it looks like nothing can stop it. Fans of the RSS Reader have started petitions to save Google Reader, but after reading the following article by The Next Web, I don’t think it will get a reprieve.

Why Google is Killing Google Reader: Blame Google+

When Google announced today it was killing Google Reader on July 1st, just one thought crossed my mind: “I bet this has something to do with Google+.”

Google Reader Is Headed To The Google Graveyard July 1

Google is looking to the future and it looks like they Continue Reading

Free Google Apps Standard

Even though Google Apps is no longer free, we started looking for a way to still be able to setup a free Google Apps Standard account to use the Google SMTP email servers, to send email and forms for new client website designs when needed. Here is what we have found as an alternate way… Continue Reading

How Google Thinks

You might be wondering just how Google thinks, well I was doing a little research on the latest Google changes and ran across this video below that give a quick insight into just how Google thinks, and what they are all about with their over 500 improvements to their algorithms every year. You might also… Continue Reading

Google Plus For Your Business

Google Plus for your Business is now a reality, Google + rolled out their latest achievement Google + for Google Apps yesterday and the Google Apps version is sporting some things the personal version does not have, as seen in this screen shot below: You can use your Google Docs in a collaborative way with… Continue Reading

10 Twitter Tools For Serious Tweeple

I have checked out some cool Twitter Tools that can make your life a little easier, for those who are serious “Tweeple“… (TWitter pEEPLE) People who use Twitter. Also called “twitterers” and “tweeps.” It may refer to tweet writers or tweet followers. Well enough of my Internet English lesson, please enjoy my list of both… Continue Reading

Google Docs Makes Business Greener

One of the quickest ways to “Go Green” or at least Greener then you are now, is by moving your business collaboration to the cloud, using Google Docs. Google Docs product line is a prefect fit for Small Business collaboration, giving you a full suite of tools to help you run your business: Document (Word… Continue Reading

Getting Things Done

I’m a great believer of using list for Getting Things Done. For years I carried around little pocket notebooks, which I still do at times when I know I’ll be writing some quick notes. But when it comes to getting thing done on a day-to-day basis, I now use a cool little application called GQueues,… Continue Reading

Quick Graphics Using Google Apps Drawing Tool

I have not taken the time to design a graphic logo for, as I have been using my smiling face as my logo. So, for this post about using Google Apps Drawing function, I have made a quick little logo. Not the greatest graphic I can come up with, but it only took me… Continue Reading