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Up and Coming Things Happening on the Web

To Flash Or Not To Flash

To Flash or Not to Flash, that’s the question? No, not that type of flash, where’s your mind at. I’m talking about Adobe Flash for your website, that thing that gives your website fancy moving things, or movies that play on your website, lots of which are created with Adobe Flash or another program that… Continue Reading

Google Cracks Down On Scammy Advertisers

According to The Business Insider, Google is getting tough on advertisers promoting scams through their Google Adwords service. While Google has always had some kind of policy in effect, and has banned users before, the enforcement was sometimes hit or miss and subject to delays that resulted in many consumers being duped out of money.… Continue Reading

Zumbox The New Post Office

If you haven’t herd yet, there’s a new way of getting your every day mail, the post office delivers to your house or place of business. It’s called Zumbox. Zumbox is a revolutionary paperless postal system that enables paper mail senders to send the same mail content to traditional physical street addresses – online –… Continue Reading