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Google Plus Custom URLs Good Or Bad Idea?

Google Plus PageGoogle is now offering people with a Google+ account the chance to get a Google Plus Custom URLs and due away with the log URLs that look like the following… for one that looks like (

On the surface this looks like a great idea, but when you read over the terms of use, you may get charged for the Google+ Vanity URL. Google does not state how you will get charged or how they might calculate the charge, just that they reserve the right to charge you later.

Another thing I would like to point out is when have you needed to give your URL to you Google+ page, it’s better to send them to your own website so they can click on what ever social media link they like. I have several like Twitter, Facebook, etc. that you can see in the footer of this website. For the most part if your looking to connect with someone on Google+ you will type their name in the search box at the top of the Google plus page to find and add them to your circles.

After a little more digging online I ran across this article by that spells out some things to think about when taking Google up on their offer of a Custom Google Plus URL:

Google+ Custom URLs Fees. Does this mean Google will charge fees? Who knows, I can’t imagine they will. But again, who knows. Google’s John Mueller noticed the custom URLs work on all Google TLDs. So if I want to act proper, I can send people to Outside of webmaster and SEO industry types, who often drool over the latest search engine snake oil, I don’t know of any company’s products or services I personally use that has invested much into G+. If Google … Read more …

You can be the judge of weather or not to take Google up on their offer, but for now I’m going to keep my standard long URL, and see how this unfolds due to the changes in the way Google is now handling their free now pay later business model.

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