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Facebook VS Google+

My clients are starting to ask me about Google + the up and coming competitor to Facebook, the only thing is I have not received an invite to open an account yet, and I have been so busy this week about all I could have done at this point would be to sign up if… Continue Reading

Social Media Marketing

What is the big deal about Social Media Marketing? I have been listening to a lot of people who think they need to use Social Media Marketing for there small business however they do not really know what all the hype is about.  When you think about Advertising and bringing in more customers, what kind… Continue Reading

Social Media Manager

People still look at me funny when I tell them part of our services is to create Tweets and Facebook updates for our clients… they don’t understand that there’s more than just playing around with social media, the truth is, social media has changed the way we do business on and offline. Hiring your own… Continue Reading

Facebook vs Your Own Website

I’ve heard a lot lately about not having a website and just using free social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as a main website presence. I guess people are forgetting about the fact that when your using these sites you lose control, not only control of how it looks but control of what you… Continue Reading

Carls Jr Facebook Fan Page Review

I received a Coupon Mailer in my mailbox today from Carl’s Jr. and noticed they had a Facebook page… … OK, before you say they’ve been on Facebook, for some time now, where have you been? Like everyone else I’ve been, working, playing, going through life, Good & Bad, which just points out, you need… Continue Reading

What Is Web 3.0

I was ask what Web 3.0 was all about today, so seeing as I’ve still got some awake left in me, after gulping down a huge Star Bucks Coffee and a 5-hour Energy Shot this afternoon, here’s something you can share about Web 3.0 and what came before and how we got here. . .… Continue Reading