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Get This Authors, And You Will Sell More Books

Get This, And You Will Sell More BooksI work a lot with authors these days to help them create and promote their books on Amazon and others in the publishing industry, so when I ran across this fascinating video I just had to share it.

Author or not I think you will find it rather interesting, it says a lot about where my business and yours lies…



Ready Set Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday spelled out! Following Black Friday (the biggest shopping day in the United States), Cyber Monday is the largest online shopping day of the year, and it lands on Monday, December 2nd 2013. Cyber Mondays sales increased so much in recent years that many online businesses have decided to extend it into a full… Continue Reading

Digital Shoppers Purchase Path

About 42% of shoppers turn to the web for research about the products they are looking to purchase. I find myself doing a quick search in a store with my mobile phone before buying anything of a technical nature these days, I will do a search like “problems with Product Name”, this will sometimes bring… Continue Reading

Contractor Leads Companies Bad For Business

I work with contractors that have paid top dollar for contractor leads and were massively disappointed with the crappy results they have received. I am not talking about small companies that sell leads, In my opinion, I’m talking about some of the top contractor leads companies, along with other pay per lead sites. Let me define “crappy… Continue Reading

Why Is Firefox Blocking Cookies By Default?

It seems Firefox has decided to set their next Firefox release (version 22) to block all third party cookies by default, so we posed the question… Why is Firefox Blocking Cookies by default? It looks like Mozilla the makers of Firefox have decided to take it on themselves to protect you from the evils of… Continue Reading

Is Yelp Reliable?

After doing a search “Yelp is Bullshit” I seen some articles about Yelp that makes one question the reliability of the site. You see, back in 2010 Yelp apparently faced a lawsuit against them because they refused to take down reviews that were harmful to a business but the business owner was told for… Continue Reading