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Warning this place is like Area 51, Strange Things Happen Here!

The Bad Economy Or Bad Attitude

In my last post “Pre Recorded Telephone Marketing“, I had mentioned my car dealer and receiving a recorded message, all about them, and nothing for me… … And to top it off, I already had an appointment with them, to have an oil change and to get my car treated with a sealer. Yes in… Continue Reading

Making Some Changes

I know, I keep disappearing, I’m really here, you just can’t see me. 🙂 I’m working on the back in of my site, and setting it up with some new things for you guys. You might have noticed the heading changed slightly, and I’m still working on it. And you’ll be seeing more changes in… Continue Reading

I Hope You Missed Me

I apologize for being missing for a few weeks, I have been working through a few things… A Death in the family, Divorce, then another Death of my best friend and the loss of several clients from a brick and mortar business I’ve had for years, due to this economy, killing off their businesses. But… … Continue Reading

Crazy Tax Week

Just about this time every year, it get a little crazy around here, thanks to the Tax Man! So, you may not see a lot of posting this week, just because I like to take my time and give you a quality post, not just a quickie one like this one. They say a picture… Continue Reading

April Fools 2010

April Fools! There Here, all sorts of funny April Fools Jokes for 2010! Here is just a sampling of the ones I ran across on the web: Google Search Google really has released their inner nerd today. Search anything on their main search engine, and instead of telling you the amount of time it took… Continue Reading

What Matters Now by Seth Godin (Free eBook)

I’ve enjoyed a cool little eBook, called “What Matters Now” by Seth Godin along with more than 70 extraordinary authors and thinkers. It’s a colorful 82 page eBook, designed to make you sit up and think, to foster some difficult conversations within yourself… Now, more than ever, we need a different way of thinking, a… Continue Reading

Proper Computer Posture

You may be thinking, what does this have to do with Internet Marketing? Well, if your like me, you probably sit in front of a computer typing for hours and hours and hours. During this time you might get up, once in a while, but most of the people I’ve ask about this said, they… Continue Reading