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Online Filters Are Restrictive

This video discusses the online filters such as that done by Google and Facebook. For me it is quite frustrating that my Facebook feed has been filtered and I can’t see ALL of my friends and pages posts. I have go to each of my friends pages to see what is going on and when I do a search on Google my search results are different from others in the office. It can be quite frustrating when someone is telling me about something they found on a search and I do the search to see for myself only to discover that what they have found is not present in my search. It is a huge problem because I have interests that go far beyond my filter bubble.

Is Yelp Reliable?

After doing a search “Yelp is Bullshit” I seen some articles about Yelp that makes one question the reliability of the site. You see, back in 2010 Yelp apparently faced a lawsuit against them because they refused to take down reviews that were harmful to a business but the business owner was told for… Continue Reading

How Does Internet Marketing Work

The question, “How does Internet marketing Work” has been asked by every marketer and business owner alike. It seems to be a difficult question to answer since the answers always go back to what it is. This is my rendition of how internet marketing works. First we have to ask what our end goal is.… Continue Reading

The Internet and Marketing

The availability of the Internet or World Wide Web has only been open and readily accessible, known of and used by the general public since about 1994. When people first began using the Internet it was a lot more complicated than it is today. One would have to dial the land-line phone, then place the… Continue Reading

Why Internet Marketing Doesn’t Work

Why Internet Marketing doesn’t work for most businesses is a great question to ask. As an Internet marketer who has at least a bridge of understanding how marketing works and a small understanding of the vast information about the psychology of marketing, I can confidently guess, it doesn’t work because you don’t know what the… Continue Reading

Happy Customers Generate More Sales

One of the most important question on the mind of every smart business owner is “How to generate more sales?”. Quite often, the most important answer is simply overlooked and forgotten. This one simple answer is “Happy customers generate more sales”. While many business marketing and sales teams are trying to come up with creative… Continue Reading

Customer Service Tips

Since 1994, I have been actively in the workforce, Customer Service has been a big part of business. Somewhere down the line over the years, the concept has fallen off track. Many businesses get so focused on making money they forgot where that money comes from, who gives it to them, and how to get… Continue Reading