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Contractor Leads Companies Bad For Business

I work with contractors that have paid top dollar for contractor leads and were massively disappointed with the crappy results they have received. I am not talking about small companies that sell leads, In my opinion, I’m talking about some of the top contractor leads companies, along with other pay per lead sites. Let me define “crappy… Continue Reading

Why Is Firefox Blocking Cookies By Default?

It seems Firefox has decided to set their next Firefox release (version 22) to block all third party cookies by default, so we posed the question… Why is Firefox Blocking Cookies by default? It looks like Mozilla the makers of Firefox have decided to take it on themselves to protect you from the evils of… Continue Reading

Free Google Apps Standard

Even though Google Apps is no longer free, we started looking for a way to still be able to setup a free Google Apps Standard account to use the Google SMTP email servers, to send email and forms for new client website designs when needed. Here is what we have found as an alternate way… Continue Reading

Google Apps Is No Longer Free

I woke up this morning to find out that Google Apps is no longer free, a shocker, as I was under the impression that Google’s business model has always revolved around free services to help small business grow into larger businesses that could pay for their premium services when the time was right. Google making… Continue Reading

Six Reasons Why Websites Still Matter

Today Social Media is a must, but using social media as a selling platform can actually deter sales. Social Media is a great place to talk about your products and services, keep in touch with your clients and connect with new prospective clients for your business. Your Website is the place to conduct business and… Continue Reading

Mobile Website vs Responsive Website Design

Lately, the question keeps coming up around here; should we focus on building our clients mobile presence using a Mobile Website vs Responsive Website Design. In doing some research on this, I was going to write a full blog post about it, when I ran into this great article on Smashing Magazine about this exact… Continue Reading

10 Tips For Selecting A Domain Name

Selecting a Domain Name is the first steps to taking control of your web presence.  I have listed 10 tips for selecting a domain name that will help below: Set a Deadline Coming up with a domain name can be like those crossword puzzles that get started but never get finished, you come back once in a… Continue Reading