Pre Recorded Telephone Marketing

Pre Recorded Telephone MarketingOK, this week has topped them all, I just got my 5th phone call this week, and it’s only Wednesday, using a pre-recorded telephone marketing message. (IE, the lazy mans telemarketing!)

Two of the messages were in what sounded like Spanish, which might mean something to me if I spoke the language, the next one was about getting my septic tank serviced for summer… Yep you guessed it, I don’t have a septic tank.

This followed by learn computers in your spare time, and they’ll give me a free computer, for paying them way more than needed for their DVD video training.

And the kicker was my car dealer, using a pre-recorded message, in a buddy buddy style, we haven’t seen you in a while and we miss you, could you call us to schedule and have your car serviced… I was hoping for a discount coupon code, or something, but nothing, they just miss me and would I give them my money.

The funny thing about this one is, I already have an appointment with them to handle a recall notice on my car, have an oil change, and it detailed… guess how I feel 🙁

We’ll, I’m putting this one under the Training Category, because I think there’s a lesson we can all take away from this.

Until next time,

Mike -

PS. If you use these old style phone recording marketing methods, please look into Social Media Marketing, I beg you!

2 Responses to Pre Recorded Telephone Marketing

  1. Telesales using a live sales person, maybe… But I think prerecorded Telesales is an interruption, that most people meet with disdain these days. This is why marketers are finding it harder to use outbound marketing and are moving to inbound marketing.