Is Social Media A Fad? Check Out The Video

When you sit down to decide if Social Media is just a Fad, or really worth it for your business, you’ll most likely be considering the ROI which can be very high, which get’s you excited. . .

. . . but then you consider your time investment and the knowledge needed just to get started, and get derailed before you even start. But wait, what if you could still benefit from the Return On Investment, without it taking up all your time?

That’s where a Social Media Management firm comes into play… They handle all the social marketing chores, like taking out the Spam, Sorting out the Good from the Bad, along with helping Promote Your Brand, along with many other services, that connect together like your own personal marketing web, to catch customers.

Leaving you to run your business, like only you can do!

Of course, you may have known that already and just want to see if Social Media is just a fad, so on with the video.

And if you want to read about the changes social media has created, check out Erik Qualman new book socialnomics… Click on the Book below for more information:

Is Social Media A Fad? Check Out The Video

After owning and operating a printing shop for over 14 years, before selling it, I could see the writing on the wall, from the purchase of our first fax machine. Technology would soon start replacing many of the traditional ways we market and conduct our business.

I just didn’t know it would move so fast!

Until next time,

Mike -

PS. When I get a chance, I will do a review on his book…

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