Google Reader Is Headed To The Google Graveyard July 1

It looks like Google Reader is headed to the Google Graveyard July 1, and it looks like nothing can stop it. Fans of the RSS Reader have started petitions to save Google Reader, but after reading the following article by The Next Web, I don’t think it will get a reprieve.

Why Google is Killing Google Reader: Blame Google+

When Google announced today it was killing Google Reader on July 1st, just one thought crossed my mind: “I bet this has something to do with Google+.”

Google Reader Is Headed To The Google Graveyard July 1

Google is looking to the future and it looks like they believe RSS readers are not in the cards, people have social media now and news readers are old school ways of receiving content, (All be it one of the fastest and easier ways).

“After Google Apps went to a “Paid Only” model I said it looks like Google has decided to keep only what it can make the most profit with and dump the rest.”

Well they might be making more money, but they sure are ticking off a lot of loyal followers. Making people like small business owners look for more stable options when it comes to their email and office products, maybe it’s time for Microsoft to deal the “Death Blow” to it’s long time rival!

Hitler finds out Google Reader is shutting down

Sign the petition to save Google Reader

Mad or not, your going to need to replace your Google Reader with an alternative, so I looked around for some good options and found lifehacker had some good alternatives to replace Google Reader. Google Reader Is Shutting Down; Here Are the Best Alternatives

Please list your ideas for a replacement for Google Reader below…

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