Why Is Firefox Blocking Cookies By Default?

Why Is Firefox Blocking Cookies By Default?It seems Firefox has decided to set their next Firefox release (version 22) to block all third party cookies by default, so we posed the question…

Why is Firefox Blocking Cookies by default?

It looks like Mozilla the makers of Firefox have decided to take it on themselves to protect you from the evils of online advertisers, but is this a good thing and will it reduce the amount of ads you will see while browsing the web.

I started looking around at some of the talk about this, by the leading authorities on the web and the pros and cons of what this might mean, here is what I have found:

Firefox to start blocking thirdparty cookies by default | Digital Trends

by: digitaltrends

A new default setting will block cookies on a future Firefox release (version 22), making many privacy-conscious users happy … and many advertisers not.

Firefox patch to block thirdparty advertising cookies | Internet

by: cnet

Firefox will soon begin blocking thirdparty advertising cookies by default, preventing ad networks from tracking users’ browser activity. Advertisers use cookies to track users’ Web activity to deliver more-targeted ads. The new

Ad Networks Beware: Firefox to Block Third-Party Cookies – Adweek

by: google

Ad Networks Beware: Firefox to Block Third-Party CookiesAdweekFirefox will begin blocking the cookies from third-party ad networks by default beginning with distribution of Firefox version 22 on April 5. The browser would allow cookies from first par …

Being in the marketing and online advertising business, I look at this another way. Most reputable advertisers use cookies to track your browsing so as to display a more targeted set of ads that you would most likely be interested in. If you have been looking all over the web at say the “Chevy Volt” then you might start seeing ads showing you where to buy one, this is a targeted advertising. As apposed to the old way of none targeted ads, a shotgun approach like Television uses, if your browsing an automobile site, then auto related ads, a food site, food related ads. Just things you “might” have an interest in.

None the less, your going to see ads, Firefox is not stopping them all, their just making it harder on advertisers trying to taylor your ad experience. I myself would rather see ads about things that are helpful to me, not just a bunch of random ads like this video spoofs on:

Drop your thought and opinions, Block Cookies or NOT!

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