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Free Google AppsEven though Google Apps is no longer free, we started looking for a way to still be able to setup a free Google Apps Standard account to use the Google SMTP email servers, to send email and forms for new client website designs when needed.

Here is what we have found as an alternate way to do this:

  1. Head over to the Google App Engine site and sign in using a basic Google Gmail Account, like
  2. Then Click Create Application then fill in the Application Identifier, something like (fastcarsapp) note the ending in “app” for some reason when I tried without ending in “app” and clicked Check Availability, it would not work. Now fill in Application Title and click to accept the terms and conditions, other data is unnecessary, then click the Create Application Button at the bottom.
  3. Now Click the Dashboard Link to open the Dashboard, then click Application Settings Link, under the Administration area on the left side, toward the bottom.
  4. Once your in Application Settings, scroll down and select “Add Domain” to add the domain your setting up with the App Engine.
  5. You should see a link marked “Sign Up for Google Apps Standard“, this should open a screen for signing up for a free one user account, just follow the steps to activate your new Google Apps standard account.
And yes you have to do all this or the link for the Google Apps Free Account will not show up, only the paid link.
I know it’s only a one user account for free, but this will give you access to use Google’s email servers with your domain hosting service like GoDaddy, for sending POP emails through a website, etc.
We also found a video created by Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration on his YouTube channel below that might help:

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2 Responses to Free Google Apps Standard

  1. It would be nice if you would have mentioned in the title or in the beginning that this was for a 1 user account. I just wasted about 1 hour of my life configuring a website just to find out it was a 1 user account. I read it at the end of your post, but i never got that far when i read it the first time. Not cool. A 1 user account is almost completely worthless.

    • I’m sorry for the confusion my article may have caused you, I don’t take into consideration that my articles will only be half read and then acted upon.

      The 1 user account comes in handy when you would like to use Google’s mail servers for sending form mail through a website, collecting lead capture data and sending it, etc.

      If you are a one man operation, it’s nice to still be able to have 1 email box to use at no cost, along with all the other Google Apps programs.