Google Apps Is No Longer Free

Google AppsI woke up this morning to find out that Google Apps is no longer free, a shocker, as I was under the impression that Google’s business model has always revolved around free services to help small business grow into larger businesses that could pay for their premium services when the time was right.

Google making it’s revenue off of the larger over 10 employee size businesses that have been using Google Apps, along with large corporate entities, along with the ad revenue from the ads on the free version of Google Apps.

In my opinion, Google’s timing could not have been worse, in a down economy with every business owner cutting back they are not going to jump at adding more cost to run their offices. They need that cash flow for more important things like marketing and advertising their businesses to get more customers to pay the bills.

Here is a quick video about it:

Post your comments below and let me know what you think about Google’s move to paid Google Apps.

Google Apps Is No Longer Free

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