Mobile Website vs Responsive Website Design

Mobile Website vs Responsive Website DesignLately, the question keeps coming up around here; should we focus on building our clients mobile presence using a Mobile Website vs Responsive Website Design. In doing some research on this, I was going to write a full blog post about it, when I ran into this great article on Smashing Magazine about this exact subject seen here, link to the article.

This article compares both of our presidential candidates mobile websites, going in two totally different directions. Mitt Romney going with a Standard Mobile site, separate from his main website and Barack Obama using the latest thing to hit mobile “Responsive Website Design“.

Mobile Website vs Responsive Website Design


With the U.S. population sitting at around 311 million. And out of those 311 million people, about half of US adults own a smartphone. On top of that, for a whopping 28% of Americans, a mobile device is their primary way of accessing the Web, it’s no wonder why the candidates are taking mobile very seriously as one of there campaign tools for the win.

Mobile is growing fast and businesses that turn a blind eye to this fact will be handicapping their business if they don’t start putting mobile on their radar now. Coda Research Consultancy statistics show mobile commerce sales will reach $23.8 billion in 2015.

I had a small business owner ask me to look at his website that another designer created for him some time ago and see what it would take to add a  ( mobile site for him. He said “this should be easy all you need to do is click a button and have a program create one… Right”

Wrong, if you want a quick fix when creating a truly effective mobile website keep looking, most of the applications on the web just cannot translate your website perfectly into a fully functional mobile website. I don’t think they ever will because most websites are not constructed with mobile in mind, they are constructed for the desktop browsers and some I have looked are barely working with the big 3 browsers, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

To have a truly effective mobile website, Before you start and design all of your elements to work with both small and large screens in a responsive design using CSS and HTML5 with a few other elements thrown in for good measure, you should begin with mobile in mind.

Taking a look at this Infographic below you can see that mobile users are expecting quite a lot when it comes to using their mobile devices. (courtesy of Source Equation Research)

Mobile Users Infographic on Small Time Marketer

Don’t disappoint your mobile visitors to your businesses website, do it right and have your site professionally created.

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