How Does Internet Marketing Work

How Does Internet Marketing WorkThe question, “How does Internet marketing Work” has been asked by every marketer and business owner alike. It seems to be a difficult question to answer since the answers always go back to what it is. This is my rendition of how internet marketing works. First we have to ask what our end goal is. One may answer, I want prospects to buy my products or services, I want them to walk through my establishment’s door to make a purchase. The next question is, “Where are my prospects looking for my products or services” which simply answering “Online” is very vague and broad. There are many places they are looking for what you offer. First the prospect may do a search on the search engine, after they find you in the organic search, they may look for you on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Yelp. They are looking for you in these places online to determine your credibility, build trust and to contact you using the interface of one of these sites.

So the question remains, How does it work? Well, it is simply complicated. First one must build a reputation with the search engine to move you up on the organic search so that your prospects can find YOUR BUSINESS. The prospect sees your website in the first 10 listing on the first page of the search. They need to have a reason to click on your link as opposed to your competitor’s link. Let’s assume the prospect finds your link to be relevant to the search and then click on your link which takes them to your website. The prospect likes your website and is able to get enough information to determine your business fits the need. They go to Linkedin, Facebook, twitter and maybe a few other sites to find out about you to determine the credibility of your business and determine if your business is trustworthy or right for the prospect. The prospect may look at your website a couple of times, go to your Facebook to see what you post about, check out what others say about you then they may contact you and then you take it from there.

If you want the prospects business it is important for your business to be available in the various ways to be contacted. That could be through social media sites such as Facebook or twitter, a contact form on your website or a phone number where they can call and speak to a live person to ask questions. It has become more and more common for prospects to want to talk to you through your social media sites and companies are finding it most beneficial to offer customer service through these sites as well as on the telephone.

So again, “How does Internet marketing work”? Through internet marketing, over a period of time a business will build a reputation with the search engines, once this reputation has began to really develop a fundemental foundation and if it is a positive reputation the search engines will then begin to put you in the first 10 slots on the first page for your target keyword or key phrase. The more targeted your keyword or phrase then the more targeted prospects will find your website. The reason one wants TARGETED Prospects is because the more targeted the prospect the more likely the prospect will be converted into customers or clients. It is important to keep it targeted to get the end result of the prospects to buy your services or goods. It really does not do any good to have 100,000 clicks if they are not going to buy anything from you. It is more valuable to have 100 clicks of whom are hot leads and are highly likely to buy from you than the many who are not at all ever going to buy from you.

What you post as content makes the difference as to whom is going to look at your site and purchase your goods or your services. Everywhere your prospect finds you on the internet is equivalent to a friendly face representing your company to build trust between your business and your prospect. How you treat them when they get there makes a huge difference. It takes a cohesive effort between your internet marketing team and your customer service department to help build that trust and make those sales. After all The end result is making the sale right?

Does Internet Marketing work without a website? Not really, Your website is basically your main hub and where you can blatantly sell your product and services. It is the virtual representation of your business and one has more control over the website than the social media sites that help to point to your website.  It is what validates you as a business and offers a way to contact your business. Is a website all I need to promote my business online? Not really, a website is the best place to start but your social media sites offer personality, creates a connection between your business and your prospect. It offers a way for your prospects to engage with your business and develop a feel for what kind of business you run and builds trust that is equal to a great salesperson one may find at your store location or establishment. Social media sites gives prospects an idea of how your business will handle a complaint if one must be made and how well questions can be answered.

Social Media offers a great deal of transparency which of course builds trust between your business and your prospects. If your prospects feel that your business is hiding anything regardless if you are hiding anything or not, it will probably make it more difficult to build that necessary trust to convert the prospect into a customer which is a whole other post to write about.

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