Happy Customers Generate More Sales

One of the most important question on the mind of every smart business owner is “How to generate more sales?”. Quite often, the most important answer is simply overlooked and forgotten. This one simple answer is “Happy customers generate more sales”. While many business marketing and sales teams are trying to come up with creative slogans, sales pitches, and tactics, the customers are generally left in the dust of all new and improved gimmicks.

While the average business scrambles for new ways to promote sales or new and improved product lines as their sales decline, the prospects are continuously being offered plenty of other choices.

As a prospective customer of just about anything I want to purchase I shop around for several things; quality, cost effectiveness, my specific needs, but most of all, good customer service. My poor vision has me looking to purchase a new pair of glasses every year. I have never purchased glasses at the same place a second year. That means all of the optometrists and eyewear locations that I have been to over the last 10 years did not get my repeat business.

Happy Customers Generate More SalesFirst of all I was not satisfied with the product. The prescriptions were not quite right, I still had difficulty seeing with the new prescription, When I had a problem with my glasses neither the optometrist nor the store that filled the prescription offered any kind of good service by offering a solution to the problem. I simply tried a new place every year. This year, I hunted around and did a little more research into the businesses in my local area. A trip to the locations where I could ask a real person questions face to face and look around at choices in frames and discuss options for contacts.

This year, I went with two criteria, one cost of services and product because I was fed up with paying high prices for a product that was not worth half of what I paid. The second criteria was customer service. I wanted to deal with employees who were competent, understood their product and services as well as their policies on how to handle problems if they should arise. Making my choice took an extra three weeks of searching, phone calls and physical visits with inquiries. Next year, I am likely to return to the ones I found this year even if their prices increase because I know I will receive the quality of care, service, and product that I want.

Not only did the Optometrist give me a prescription that provides me with the best sight I have had in years, but I also was met with a very competent and friendly employee who was not only friendly and polite but also very helpful and treated me like a person and NOT a giant dollar sign or an inconvenience. This Optometrist will be getting my repeat business as well as word of mouth advertising as I refer him to my friends and family.

I was met with the same customer service at the location where my prescription was filled. With the amount of risk with the hundreds of dollars I spent being lowered with the assurance that if I had a problem with my glasses at all they would try to make any adjustments they possibly can to resolve the issue.

The same is with any business in which I make a purchase. Even fast food restaurants are not exempt from this important way of generating more sales. I will try new places often until I find the business that offers what I am truly looking for, that which separates the best from the rest. Quality, price and customer service. If I am going to eat at a fast food restaurant I am more likely to return to the restaurant that not only is clean and has good prices. I am going to return to the one that offered the best customer service. I have seen some that had smiling employees, the order was made right, and it was clean but if anything came up that was out of the routine, the whole thing fell apart and the problem could not be resolved. The one I will return to will match the last except when something out of the ordinary comes up, it is resolved. Regardless if it is an out of date or expired coupon that is accepted or small change in the order, good customer service is the most important part of any business.

The quality of service that a customer receives will determine if the customer will make another purchase in the future and if the customer will recommend the product or service to others. If sales begin to decline or if they are stagnant, maybe a quick peek into the service your customers are receiving should be considered. Before trying a new tactic or gimmick to bring in new customers to generate more sales, how about trying to keep the old ones by keeping them happy.

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