Where Have All The Newspapers Gone

You know it’s time to look at other forms of advertising and marketing your products and services when artists like Jessica Frech writes a song  called Where have all the News Papers Gone.

For many years, I owned a print shop where our typesetting department created thousands of ads for our clients. Now, we see the demise of a once thriving industry being replaced by the on-slot of mobile devices which make it quick, easy and for the most part free, to get all the news you could ever want.

People are just not interested in news that is older than it takes to drink a Latte at your corner Coffee Shop anymore. . .
. . . oddly, one of the few places that you still see a Printed Newspaper, even if most people there are sipping while tapping on their mobile devices.

Where Have All The Newspapers Gone
As marketers, we have to go where the people are, so our clients can be found. We watch trends in the rise of new marketing channels and the decline of existing ones. We like helping our clients move out of the old ways of marketing and into the new. Anymore, it’s not a luxury to have a growing website that has fresh new content, it’s mandatory if you are going to be found in the Search Engines, and it’s all about being found!

All Search Engines  are competing to have the best “Search Results”, they want you to find what you’re looking for, and it must be the best of the bunch in that category of search. They are doing this to weed out the bad worthless search’s everyday by changing their search algorithms, like the Google Panda update talked about at Search Engine Land.

Small Business owners used to be able to have a snappy ad written and pay newspapers to place it in there daily’s, where their large reader base would see it, sort of a “set it and forget it” type of advertising. Now business owners are being told by everyone in the know, that they have to be online and use Social Media and Make Friends of your Prospects and be part of Their Lives, you know all along that you don’t have any idea how to do what your hearing and you sure don’t have the time to take away from running your business.

It was so easy to pay to place an ad and forget it, now I have to become a marketing genius just to compete with the other businesses in my area. This is true but the competition is not only the few mom and pop store owners, but large mega corporations with a team of in-house online marketing people to make sure they are found by your prospects and if you’re not on your prospects radar, they cannot find out how great you really are.

I hear it all the time people complaining about the Big Box Store with no personal service, treating them like a nobody, not listing to them. All along you could have just the thing they are looking for but, you don’t even exist to them because you’re not being found on the web.

Small Businesses don’t have to lay down before the large corps. I find that most small business owners are paying more overall on things that don’t work anymore like the newspaper. If you take a look at all the small things you end up spending your advertising and marketing dollars on like:

  • Newspapers
  • Print Receipt Rolls (the ones at your local grocery store, look at the back of the receipt)
  • Flyers on windshields (less the fines if your caught)
  • Phone books, and more

You will find that you have enough money to pay for a Great Online Marketing company to help get you found, and bring in those prospects, while you do what you do best, run your business.

Until next time,

Mike - SmallTimeMarketer.com

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