Good Ideas Come From Hunches

I woke up in the morning with a hunch last week as I do from time to time, most of which just go nowhere those are what I call (brain farts) but this one stuck around and I acted on it by connecting with a friend of mine, and now it looks like it my turn into something bigger for the both of us if we can work out the details. So as I was researching this hunch and forming it into an idea when I ran across this video “Where Good Ideas Come From” and it has opened my eyes to a better understanding of what I have done since I was a little kid.

The thing I like about this video, is that it’s OK to take some time to grow and idea from your hunches, that good ideas need some time, and interaction to bloom into a usable idea you can work with. Of course I always want this process to go faster, I think most do!

Let me know what hunches you’ve had turn into ideas?

Until next time,

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