Google+ Is Changing SEO

Google Plus Is Changing SEOJust when you think you have it all figured out and your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is working and moving you up in the search ranks, Google comes along and throws a monkey wrench into the mix, I’m talking about Search plus Your World. Google has its Google Search by adding a deeper integration between Google’s search engine and Google+, so search results are suggesting People and Pages on Google+ so you can add them to your Google+ circles based on what you’re searching for. In doing this Google+ is changing SEO, meaning you have to change your strategy on how you handle your on and off page SEO.

When Google+ went live for the first time, we posted how Google Plus For Your Business would help grow your online marketing, along with how Google Docs and Google+ worked together. Now it’s pretty much a given to have a Google+ Profile and Page for your business, now that Google has integrated Google+ profile information into the search results. The result is while your website rankings might be lower, your Google+ Page may have a higher ranking.

This means your “Google Rank” could be based on the total number of +1’s (Google’s equivalent of the Facebook Like button) that your Google+ page and website have received or by a visitor sharing something from your Google+ Page or website on their social media networks, you would show up higher in the rankings. This not only changes your ability to receive better rankings in the search engine, this also recommends you to people searching for you or the services or products you have to offer. Those recommendations can lead someone purely because one of their Google+ connections has recommended you by way of a +1.

Here’s how to make sure your not left behind:

Followers, using Google+ followers as a type of social backlinks, the more followers you have the more credible you look to Google. But remember quality counts more than quantity with Google!
Example: Having Lady Gaga follow you with all here millions of followers carry more weight with Google than 20 of your family members… unless your family includes Rihanna.

Keywords, Make sure your Google+ Page “Introduction” has your best targeted keywords, and those keywords need included in your post as often as possible, without keyword stuffing which can drop you in the rankings.

Content Creation, You want to create quality content on your Google+ Page that will create interaction with your followers. Content your followers will +1, and re-share with their followers.

There are other things you can do along with these, but the above will get you off to a good start. With Google+ results merging with Google Search, online marketers must add Google+ to their toolbox, to make them more effective when it comes to promoting their selves and their clients.

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