Why Have A Facebook Business Page

Why Have A Facebook Business PageFacebook when done right can works very well as a measure to force traffic and sales to a domain such as your hub website.

Below, are just a few reasons why your business simply has to have a Facebook Business Page as an element of its online and social media campaign.

More Exposure – Facebook is among the most frequently used internet sites now on the web, implying that your target audience is just big is an understatement, here are a few stats polled in October 2011 below just to put things into perspective:

  • 6,845,609,960 Humans on the planet
  • 1,966,514,816 Internet users
  • 517,760,460 Facebook users

Put another way: about 7% of the earths humans are on Facebook.

Name Recognition – When you glance at the massive names with a Facebook page and actively inspire folks to follow them, you can truly start to find out how critical it may be for you as your business or brand actually starts to grow. The more that you get your name in front of folk then the larger your brand has the ability to grow, which is just about what any business own wants to see.

Drive Sales – If you have all the above discussed things, then in principle, you’re going to see an increase in sales or inquiries, which is normally the entire reason behind making this sort of promoting outlet. So long as you look after your proponents and only share topical and selected info, you might be able to keep them all anticipating your updates and with luck keep the sales rolling in from your present customer fans.

One of the largest facets of having a Facebook business page is that folks can swiftly and easily like and share your posts, that means not merely will your fans see your most recent updates but probably, so can all their chums and associates. Facebook offers a fast, one touch “show all” promoting message to your fans, which if you increase over time can have a huge effect on your business.

Keep in mind that it not only takes some design and programing to create a Facebook Business Page, but also the time to promote and grow its base of followers. Posting good content and asking questions of your followers is a must with any good business page.

You also don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, remember even though Facebook is a great place to promote your business, Facebook can also remove your account at anytime if you violate any of their rules. This is another reason to have and maintain your own website as the hub of your online presence.

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