5 Small Business Online Marketing Mistakes

5 Small Business Online Marketing Mistakes to avoid when planing your online marketing campaign.

5 Small Business Online Marketing Mistakes

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The Web is a great source for leads – but also a fast an expensive way to make mistakes.
Here are six common mistakes companies make when trying to drive leads using their websites:

1. Relying on a “Contact Us” form

You need to make it easy for clients to contact you. While a “Contact Us” form is an obvious necessity on any site, small businesses should gather their visitors data in a way that tells you more about your visitors and what their needs are. You can offer a some ways to entice potential clients to give permission for you to contact them. Successful tactics include offering free estimates, a free guide or a chance to win free stuff or a full-out sweepstakes to enter.

2. Counting on SEO alone

Search engines like Google alone are not enough to drive traffic to your website. While important, small businesses can reach out to potential clients through other sources, like social media, email marketing, print to cloud and in-person networking. It’s a full-time job just keeping up with Google’s algorithm changes, so without a professional service handling your SEO on a regular basis it is very difficult to stay ahead, and make it work.

3. Not being ready

Getting online is just half the battle, being ready for the increased business in a way that promotes long-term relationships with new customers is a must. Having ways to handle the leads that come in by email or phone call. Make sure you and your staff understand what to do when they contact your business.

4. Not being aggressive enough

While many small business owners worry about annoying potential customers, the truth is constantly asking for those customers information when they come to the your website sells more. Many of the most annoying tactics work pretty well. Website marketing tools like pop ups, little people walking across the home page, and may we help you chat windows, can actually work if done properly, giving you a larger percentage of sales or estimates filled out.

5. Letting a site get stagnant

Content has become king as the search engines are looking for ways to tell if a website is worth being indexed with them, not to mention people love great content, and will follow a site with useful content. One strategy is creating articles that don’t have a promotional feel, but are full of good information.

This is only 5 small business marketing mistakes, there are many more that I see happening every day, if you have some you have seen or have experienced some of these yourself, please post them in the comments below and help your fellow small business owners.

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