Google Plus For Your Business

Google Plus for your Business is now a reality, Google + rolled out their latest achievement Google + for Google Apps yesterday and the Google Apps version is sporting some things the personal version does not have, as seen in this screen shot below:

Google Plus For Business

You can use your Google Docs in a collaborative way with other Google Plus users, making it easier to work on projects together. Check out the video on Google Plus Hangouts:

If you were wondering how to get setup with Google Apps or Google Plus for your business, please contact us, we can get you headed in the right direction because even though some of Google products are free or low-cost, can make the rather difficult to understand and setup properly. Also, as a bonus for our clients that want to migrate to Google Apps for Business or that are starting new and do not have professional email for their business, we include the setup of Google Apps and Google Plus with the purchase of our Managed Business Advertising service.

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