Online Presence vs The Phone Book

Online Presence vs The Phone BookTen, fifteen, even twenty years ago when someone wanted to find a professional or business they would turn to…the yellow pages phone book. Remember those great paper back phone books, which contained these great splashy ads, which companies and professionals used to give their business exposure to their prospective leads?  These were the prospects that they hoped to reach and turn into clients. Fast forward twenty years into the birth of the Internet. Now, whenever someone is looking for a professional or company they…look online. Developing an online presence of your company is more crucial to your business than you may think if you want to compete in today’s market.

The new generation of customers, have grown up with the Internet access in every area of their life. They grew up with a keyboard in their hands with available desk tops at home and lap tops in their back packs. The largest consumer group we all know are between 18 and 35 years old for most markets. This group of consumers have so many electronic devices both mobile and fixed to access what they want at their finger tips instantly with just a click of a button. It has become habit to turn to the Internet and search the worldwide web for any and all questions that they have. This includes finding professional services, products, many great places to eat, even the perfect movies to go see along with the best location to see them. They even check social media sites like twitter to find out what others are saying about it. More and more companies have to struggle to compete, to get their fair share of the market they need to be able to be seen where the prospects are looking. Without online presence, that can also be accessed by a mobile device, you do not exist as far as the main shopping generation is concerned.

In these difficult economic times it is expected by the company that they will get the most out of their advertising dollars. In order to do that, they need to optimize their marketing. A business must  make sure that when someone is searching in their niche area, they will find them. The best way to do that is to have a balance of exposure. If a company has no online presence, or mobile exposure, then they are not optimizing their advertising dollars, that business is invisible to those searching for them online.

It’s a well known fact that social media sites like Facebook have recorded memberships of over 23 million in the United States. 23 million that could be seeing you online, that could be viewing you with optimized online presence and being converted to customers. Twitter is another social media site that hosts somewhere around 200 million online members.

Developing an online presence is not as simple as having a professional help build you an online website for you or your company. It is a compilation of efforts. Our experts will be able to optimize your presence with a group of methods that often change as the Internet changes so that you will be found more readily where prospects are searching for you… online.

When a Business owner thinks about the fact that approximately 83 percent of consumers now shop online, can you really afford to not have an online presence?  Small Time Marketer is capable of assisting you with a great website to get you started out there and have all the knowledge that will help you gain exposure on the web including on mobile devices that brings your business to your prospects from the Internet. If you still want to be found in the yellow pages they are more likely to look for you on the Internet yellow pages than they are to pick up a yellow pages book and look for you there.

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