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Facebook VS Google+My clients are starting to ask me about Google + the up and coming competitor to Facebook, the only thing is I have not received an invite to open an account yet, and I have been so busy this week about all I could have done at this point would be to sign up if I had an invitation. But luckily one of the people I follow, Woody Leonhard at Windows Secrets, who is a world of information about Microsoft Windows has written a great article on the subject of Google Plus.

With Google+ rocketing to millions of users in record time, many people wonder whether the claims are true: is Google+ really that much better at defending your privacy than Facebook?

Facebook’s rocky history with fluctuating privacy settings and a memorable, scummy, mud-slinging attempt to smear Google make it easy to jump to conclusions, warranted or not. Here’s what you need to know… Privacy smackdown: Facebook versus Google+

I will follow up with an article and my view on Google+ after I check it out thoroughly, until then please checkout Woody’s article using the link above.

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PS. I would love to here about your experience with Google+ in the comments below.

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  1. I just wanted to post that I now have a Google+ account and Wow! This system even thought it’s in Beta phase I like it a lot. I also downloaded the Android Google+ App and it works great, giving me the ability to post photos on the fly along with checking in using my phones on-board GPS.

    I give Google+ an A+