10 Twitter Tools For Serious Tweeple

Twitter BirdI have checked out some cool Twitter Tools that can make your life a little easier, for those who are serious “Tweeple“… (TWitter pEEPLE) People who use Twitter. Also called “twitterers” and “tweeps.” It may refer to tweet writers or tweet followers.

Well enough of my Internet English lesson, please enjoy my list of both free and paid tools listed and if you have some others please let everyone know in the comments below.

  1. CoTweet – If you love Tweeting in Groups this might be your cup of tea.
  2. SocialOomph – It’s all about productivity with this solution, lot’s of tools to work with.
  3. Hootsuite – A good all-in-one tool that gives you an online dashboard.
  4. NutShellMail – If your into Tracking and Monitoring your social media, check this one out.
  5. Hashtags – Follow topics on Twitter with hashtags (#) with this cool site.
  6. TwitterCounter – Neat Statistics of Twitter, check out your @name and see what other think of your tweets.
  7. Twitter Adder – A powerful automation tool for Tweeting and More…
  8. TweetDeck – This is my pick for a Desktop Dashboard to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  9. ArgyleSocial – OK if your into Power Tools this ones for you… but it’s NOT FREE.
  10. NearbyTweets – Find out what people are Tweeting About in your area.

My list of 10 Twitter Tools is just a start, if you do a little searching you will find the Web holds way more.

So, remember if you find some more please come back and share with the rest of us, by commenting below.

Until next time,

Mike - SmallTimeMarketer.com

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