Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingWhat is the big deal about Social Media Marketing?
I have been listening to a lot of people who think they need to use Social Media Marketing for there small business however they do not really know what all the hype is about.  When you think about Advertising and bringing in more customers, what kind of advertising comes to mind?  For most, Television and Radio ads come to mind, but most small business owners find themselves looking for a more cost effective way to advertise.

If you think about it, the way we used to advertise is dieing off and small businesses need to make some changes to there advertising strategy or adopt a completely new one.  The phone book was once widely used by the general public as a resource to find goods, services and people.

No longer is it the popular resource, although a company can place full page phone book ad costing them hundreds of dollars, but sadly, the ad is not likely to be seen by potential customers very much any more.  What happened to the News paper?  Although the local News paper will gladly place your paid advertisement in the next days paper, who will be looking in the news paper? The local news paper was once a popular resource to find jobs, get the news, find services, and goods, it is no longer being delivered to the doorstep of most of the general public.

So where are customers looking for the news, goods, services, and employment now?
Well, the Internet / Web of course.  Not only is it necessary to have a website it is necessary to be found on the web as well.  That is where Online Marketing and Social Media Advertising come in.  So, What is Social Media Advertising?  It is simply advertising done on some of the many popular Social Media Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.

How will Social Media Marketing help grow my business?
Well, not only are most of the general public keeping in touch on the latest smart phones and mobile devices coming out daily, but they are talking about everything on these social media sites. Another aspect of Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing is it helps you to get found when someone is looking for your product or service.  Through posting content in your many Social Media sites that your business has available to it, you create backlinks to your website which tells the search engines that your site must be important and wanted.

The more backlinks you have to your website the higher your page ranks and of course the higher your page ranks and the more backlinks you have the closer to the top of the search page you will go.  You want to be at least on the top of the first page of the search so that more people will see your site.  The more people who see your site, the more customers you will generate.  By placing videos on You Tube and the many of the other video hosting sites available to you, can get your site even more “backlinks” and drive even more visitors to your website, making your business more available to be found by potential customers.

Social Media Marketing helps to validate your site as active and sought after, helps you to be found more easily on the Net and therefore helps you to grow your business.  That is the whole purpose of Using Social Media Marketing.  There are ways you can do this yourself if you have the time or you can hand it over to your in-house marketing team.  If you do not have the time personally and you do not have an in-house marketing team, now is the time to find a Marketing company who will handle all of this for you.  It can be a lot to manage all of the Marketing yourself.

Small Time Marketer can help you with your online marketing needs.  We do it all for you or help you do it yourself.  Contact us if you want to increase your online presence. We do it all and we do it for less.

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