Google Cracks Down On Scammy Advertisers

According to The Business Insider, Google is getting tough on advertisers promoting scams through their Google Adwords service. While Google has always had some kind of policy in effect, and has banned users before, the enforcement was sometimes hit or miss and subject to delays that resulted in many consumers being duped out of money.

Now Google has unleashed new technology that not only instantly bans the ads – but it also bans all other Adwords accounts associated with that person or business – and makes it almost impossible for the same party to sign up for another account.

This is great news for all the legitimate advertisers, who can now compete on a more even footing with those who cheat.

Many times, through the use of these sketchy tactics, scam advertisers end up far more profitable than those who play by the rules, which is very sad (kind of like bank robbers). This drives up Adwords costs to legitimate businesses trying to compete in the same niches.

With the new crackdown, these scammers will have to work harder to launch their spyware and scams, and consumers and ethical advertisers will be better off for it. See More at The Business Insider

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