Earth Hour

Earth HourAs Earth day approaches we are all focused on different ways to help the environment.  On March 26, 2011 an exciting event took place.  Some may already know about the event called “Earth Hour”.  It is an exciting hour where homes and businesses alike come together and turn off the lights. This event takes place every year and the next Earth Hour is planned to take place at 8:30 PM on Saturday March 31, 2012.

Check out this years 2011 video below:

There is no bigger statement to preserve the earths resources than to simply turn off your lights for an hour.  You are only one person in a billion and when the one comes together as a whole all across the planet it makes a difference. Take a stand on taking care of your environment and celebrate with us by turning off your lights again next year, after all it only takes an hour to make a difference.

Please visit the Earth Hour Website.

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