Google Docs Makes Business Greener

Google Docs Makes Business GreenerOne of the quickest ways to “Go Green” or at least Greener then you are now, is by moving your business collaboration to the cloud, using Google Docs.

Google Docs product line is a prefect fit for Small Business collaboration, giving you a full suite of tools to help you run your business:

  • Document (Word Processing)
  • Presentation (Like, Power Point)
  • Spreadsheet (Similar to Excel)
  • Form (For Gathering Information)
  • Drawing (Quick Graphics)
  • Document Storage
  • Video Storage
  • More on the way…

And all of this resides in the virtual cloud, so you don’t have to pay for and load software into your computer. It’s accessible anywhere you have access to the web, by logging in with your username and password. Giving you total access to all your business information on the go, along with Smart Phone access, what could be better for a busy executive, who wants to be environmentally responsible.

Here are just a hand full of reasons to switch over your old way of working and Go Greener with Google Docs:

First, No need for extra equipment, you can use Google Docs using a simple computer, no need for servers, Google handles all the backups and updates and every once in a while, they will add new features.

Second: You can share your Google Docs information created, using a simple email address or fully collaborate with others who have a Google account, such as Gmail. And all in “Real Time”. That’s right you and your business associates can collaborate on say a Spreadsheet together while talking on the phone, chatting, or however you like, and all the changes you are making to the spreadsheet will be seen as they are made, by any of you logged into the document, way cool stuff and no need to printout or email back and forth.

Third: Documents you make using your images, embedded video, spreadsheets and more, can easily be published as a web page, to share with the world if you like. Just share the URL given and away you go.

Forth: No need to fill up your Hard Drive, let Google take care of it. Google Docs now has expandable storage space to host all your file and information needed to collaborate in the cloud, saving even more of the environmental resources.

Fifth: Ever lose a document in your computer, Google being the leader in Search makes it easy to find your information. Just do a search for a specific keyword across all your documents and bang there it is, no more frustration looking for a file one line at a time on your hard drive.

Sixth: Every day Google keeps improving Google Docs Suite. It is true at this time Google Docs doesn’t have the full depth that Microsoft Office Suite does, but most small businesses don’t always need to get that complex. Most Small Business Documents work better having the access in the cloud.

So, if you want to help out the environment and yourself at the same time, working with Google Docs will do the trick. Giving you an easier way to work, eliminating the need to print all the time, saving the cost of paper and ink, helping trees and landfills. And helping you find those lost documents and cutting back on those in person office visits across town using the collaboration features available only in the cloud, saving gas. What are you waiting for, check out Google Docs.

And if you need help with Google Docs, please just ask, were here to help.

Until next time,

Mike -

PS. If you use Google Docs or other cloud products, please leave a comment and help us all move towards a more green work environment.

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