Facebook Shutting Down

Facebook Shutting DownAnswer me this. . .  Is Facebook Shutting Down?

I’m Guessing NO, BUT stranger things have happened online, just look back over the last few years, not only at hosting platforms, but gaming companies, online auction sites, and all types of social media sites, that have either shut down or look like the Night of the Living Dead!

This is why I keep telling all my readers and clients not to put all their virtual eggs in one online basket. In MHO the best way to go is starting out with your own hosted website / blog, then use your free sites to help market your services and main site. This way if you have one shut down, get bought out or just lose popularity, it won’t kill you off with it.

Another reason to host your own site is “control”, when you host on someone elses platform like:

  • WordPress.com
  • Hubpages
  • Squidoo
  • Verizon sites
  • Yahoo
  • Time Warner sites
  • Yelp
  • Google
  • And Facebook

you’re at their mercy, to drop you off the online planet, along with all your hard work and data.

And if you do use some of these or other systems, look for ones that have a way to export your data in an easy to import format, so you have a backup. You also should keep a backup yourself of your photos, images and data on your own media, such as a hard drive, DVD, CD, etc. just for safe keeping.

As far as the buzz about Facebook Shutting Down, let’s hope it’s just buzz… read more about it here at, USSPost.com.

Until next time,

Mike - SmallTimeMarketer.com

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