Getting Things Done

I’m a great believer of using list for Getting Things Done. For years I carried around little pocket notebooks, which I still do at times when I know I’ll be writing some quick notes. But when it comes to getting thing done on a day-to-day basis, I now use a cool little application called GQueues, which you can find in the Google Apps Marketplace, as a FREE and Paid Version, I have the full version which is a bargain for $25.00 annually, for all the time it saves.

If you a user of Google Apps for your business Email, Documents, Calendaring, etc. then you will love GQueues for keeping track of your task list. It integrates with Gmail, Your Browser for adding a quick task and your Mobile devices. GQueues works great out of the box as they say (not sure to many apps come in boxes these days), but if you set it up using the GTD system – Getting Things Done by David Allen like I did, you will have a very powerful tool.

Getting Things Done

And Cameron Henneke, the maker of GQueues created a video on setting the app up to do just this.

I set it up just like he shows in the video, then I added my own tweaks to meet my specific needs.

So, if one of your New Years Resolutions includes Getting Things Done better in 2011, like mine does, check it out along with Davids GTD book.

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