Facebook vs Your Own Website

Facebook vs Your Own WebsiteI’ve heard a lot lately about not having a website and just using free social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as a main website presence. I guess people are forgetting about the fact that when your using these sites you lose control, not only control of how it looks but control of what you can put on these sites and whether these sites will be around for the long haul.

It seems that people forget that whats popular today, may not be tomorrow, and the web is no exception.

Think about it for a minute, how many of these sites have you seen come and go and if there still around, what shape are they in, who’s using them, are they full of what you would call your prospects, are these people still in your perfect demographic about what you consider a good fit for your company as a client or just a bunch of people gabbing about things that is of no use to you, even as research and forget about them fitting into your business goals!

I see social media as a way to research what people are looking for, who they like using to buy from, who their happy with… some marketers think you should just see them as a place to push more items at. That’s thinking short-term and not building a following of clients.

With your own website you have control, to put what you want on your site, sell your services and sell your products without big brother telling you what you can are can’t do on their site.

Social media is a good source of traffic to your site when done properly, and this is one of the best ways to use social media, to drive traffic back to your hub site, the place where you can give them even more detailed information and lead them down the path to buying from you, over your competitors.

This is the place to give them information, samples and demos of your stuff in exchange for their email/contact information, building your list of prospects that you can keep in touch with about your products and services, special offers, events your having and potentially turning them into your clients.

Today’s Hot Social Media Spot might be Tomorrows Ghost Town. . . So use social media for what its best for, traffic to your site, brand awareness, research, etc. and if that social media site goes away and another one takes it’s place, you wont be effected like you would be if this were your site’s home. You can just setup another source of traffic at its successor and keep on trucking.

So, my advice for you, is to build your own website and make it the foundation and home base. Then use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and all the rest, as outposts to spread your brands reach all over the web.

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Mike - SmallTimeMarketer.com

2 Responses to Facebook vs Your Own Website

  1. I really do agree with your strategy in using social media today.
    So many small businesses are missing the boat – they’re either not using social media at all or they’re using it incorrectly. I’ve been advising my customers to get their own website showing the right content with the right keywords first. From there, they’re chosing two social media channels to focus on and getting those set up and working together. We’re seeing good results with this strategy!

    • Small business owners do miss the boat, mostly because they don’t have the luxury of having dedicated staff, to market and advertise them online. Or to keep track of the constant changes as the Web evolves.
      That’s where good people like you, that can help bring the business owner up to speed are so valuable right now.

      Keep up the good work,