Twitter 2.0 Kills Your Custom Background

Just when you thought it was safe in Social Media world for a while… Twitter makes a radical change to its interface, causing anyone with a custom background like mine shown below in the first picture, will be covered up by the new Twitter 2.0 interface.

Now I’m not going to get into the new vs old in this post, for one reason, I’m not sure Twitters finished with what there up to yet. But keep an eye out for one, once the make the new interface mandatory. For now most can switch back and forth from old to new, just to see the difference.

Twitter 1.0

And now for the new Twitter 2.0 version, as you can see below, blocking most of the left and right sidebars. Notice the right sidebar is transparent, were testing to see how best to create new backgrounds and may incorporate this transparency into some of the design aspects. We just have to make sure the right side will still be transparent when Twitter is finished rolling out this new interface, stay tuned.

Twitter 2.0

Progress and Change is the way of the Internet and that’s what its all about!

Until next time,

Mike -

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