Google TV Good or Bad

Google TV Good or BadGoogle is adding Television to their ever-growing empire with Google TV, is this a Good or Bad thing?

I’m looking forward to trying it out, and it being a Good thing. Right now Google’s battling it out with the other television providers like Cable and Satellite, but forging partnerships with new content providers everyday. One of the things I’m looking forward to, Google has talked about is, making it faster and easier to find something good to watch.

But one of the bigger aspects of this to me are, your ability to create apps, just like for the ones you use on your cell phones now. Just think of the possibilities to market your business, from what I understand from my sources, just like local search has increased sales for local businesses, picture local ad placement for business on Google TV. And being able to target just that perfect customer, I can’t wait!

When you view the video’s below, just think of the marketing possibilities:

This next one goes into a little more of using Google TV

And if you want to learn more techie stuff, here’s a link to Google Developer Videos on YouTube.

If you can think of some cool ways Google TV might work for your business, please share them below with us…

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