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If you haven’t herd yet, there’s a new way of getting your every day mail, the post office delivers to your house or place of business. It’s called Zumbox.

Zumbox is a revolutionary paperless postal system that enables paper mail senders to send the same mail content to traditional physical street addresses – online – without using any paper or scanning. Consumers can now view online the mail that they wish to receive, and the service allows them to access it from anywhere at anytime via the Internet. Furthermore, Zumbox delivers mail instantly, seven days a week.

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If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking,  just what we need, another way to email. But What makes this different from email is that it is based on your street address. Many businesses have a hard time going paperless because their databases are based on street addresses. Emails are too hard to track, update, confirm, and are not secure, so mailing paper and envelopes is still the primary way to ensure the important stuff gets to you. But Zumbox is based on a person’s permanent mailing address – exactly what businesses need – and they say it’s entirely secure, so that sensitive information can still be sent and received with confidence.

To facilitate the service, a digital mailbox – a Zumbox – has been created for every street address in the U.S. Now, all mail sent via traditional means (other than packages) – financial statements, bills, direct mail, catalogs and personal correspondence – can be sent to any Zumbox (i.e., any street address). Additionally, interactive formats such as HTML, Flash, audio and video can be easily incorporated into the digital content by mail senders, thereby enhancing the mail experience.

Zumbox is free for all qualified businesses, governments, non-profits and other organizations sending standard regular mail, with the exception of advertisers and marketers.

“The paper mail delivery system has not fundamentally changed for two centuries and is a complete disconnect from the digital world,” said Maury Friedman, founder of Zumbox and successful serial entrepreneur. “Zumbox provides the technology that gives both senders and recipients of paper mail the power to migrate to the digital world. People are ready for a solution that will enable them to benefit from a platform that transforms mail into a rich digital offering, while using the same street addresses to deliver the same mail content.”

Zumbox also presents an environmentally responsible alternative to current postal delivery systems. Paper mail is printed, processed, transported and physically delivered at a significant financial and environmental cost.

From what I understand so far, Zumbox will make money by charging advertisers and marketers that utilize the service.

Do I see this replacing the Post Office, not yet, but for years I’ve said, the Post Office need to change much faster with the times, or someone will come along and replace them. And it looks like Zumbox is for now, going to shake things up a bit.

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PS. Keep an eye out for my Review on Zumbox

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  1. Yes I agree, but direct mail still has an important part to play. It is much more measurable and targetable than most internet marketing campaigns and not much more expensive.